About Sonoma Restaurants

No high-brow pretentious dining here! In fact, nary a suit and tie is to be seen. Expect small, vibrant restaurants that source fresh local produce, cheeses and meats that likely came from the farms you passed earlier in the day. Reservations are recommended, especially for weekends.

Sonoma Plaza Restaurant Map

Sonoma Plaza Parking

Free parking around the Sonoma Plaza just got a little more leisurely.  The free parking time limit around and near the historic Sonoma Plaza was increased from 2-hours to 3-hours.  This may not seem like significant news, unless you consider that many cities have added parking fees or meters rather than extending time limits in order to generate revenues.

There are also several parking lots near the Sonoma Plaza that offer visitors, patrons and locals free all-day parking.  The Casa Grande Parking lot behind the Historic Mexican Army Barracks at 98 E Spain Street is the largest and can host all size vehicles.  See a map of the lot here.

Wine Corkage Fees

corkageCelebrate your daily discoveries by bringing one of your newly purchased bottles to the restaurant you’ve selected for dinner. Corkage fees vary, so be sure to ask before you ask the waiter to pop the cork for you.

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